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One hundred years ago,

in the year 2007,

there we lived,

in Africa, Australia, Asia, America, and Europe.

The sky is blue,

the Ocean is wide,

you never see the end,

around the world,

there is the life,

with terror and poor people around.

Together we live on the earth,

are we together,

do we fight together for the same goal?

The billion people, the animals,

and the earth itself,

is it a unit,

is it still ours or did comebody came

and took over the world?

Here we have day and night,

rain and sun, cellphones, TV's,

IPod's, PSP's and more of this technologies.

Far can we go with dars and airplanes,

from east to west, from north to south,

from country to country

easily in hours.

Small, tall, fat, skiny,

all this can you find around here,

what makes us so special to think?

Why are we like we are?

What gives us the right to be on the earth?

These are the questions we don't have any

answers for.

Maybe you do have answers after 100 years,

after we tried to find out why we are here

and what our mission is.

100 years from now,

I can't imagine, we are dead,

you are alife,

you live our life now,

without us but with our mission.

"Why are we alive?"

14.5.07 20:54

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